Jul 11, 2012

Purple & Tie Dye

This is the Bikini that I ended up getting from Victorias Secret.  It is a neon purple top with blue and purple tie dye.  It is really different from what I originally wanted but I love them and I think I made a good purchase with these.  
Sorry for taking so long to make this post I have just been really busy.  Anywho, what do you think ? Do you love them as much as I do ?
Until next time ;)


  1. Hi Stef,

    This bikini is stunning!!! The colours are so vibrant - I love it! I think I like it even more than the original choices you had in the previous post. Yay, now to hit the beach :)


    1. If there only was a beach where I lived hahah :)

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  3. this is so cute! i love how vibrant the purple is. cute blog girl :)


  4. Oh wow! Sooo beautiful color!!! :)