Jun 28, 2012

Fun with Friends and an Update

Last weekend I went out with my friends.We went to this little festival in a near by town and I was going to do and OOTD but I totally forgot once I was there but we took a couple pictures so I decided to just post one of them.  The festival was really fun and we had a great time.
Now for the Update.
You may know that a couple posts back I asked for your guys' opinion on which bikini I should get.  Well I was going to get number four but when I went back on the website to order it it was Sold out!  I was so sad and when I look closer I saw that all the tops that I had considered weren't available in my size anymore :( So I had to pick something totally different but I am very happy with my purchase and picture of that will be here in a couple a days.
I am still gonna thank you for helping me decide even though I totally failed at not ordering it right away  and missing my chance at getting the bikini I originally wanted:)
But I have a couple posts planned for next week to make up for my lack of posting recently :)

Jun 27, 2012

Just spotted the Lizard

A couple a days ago I painted my nails with OPI's Just spotted the Lizard which is from the Spiderman Collection. Click here to see my OPI haul which features this polish. 
I absolutely love this color and it is so fun because it is a douchrome so the color changes from the angle you look at it and the light that hits it when you do.  This color is also almost an exact dupe for Chanel's nail polish in Peridot which is one of it's most popular nail polishes.
I love OPI nail polishes, the quality is great and you can see how well it last on these pictures because I have already worn it for three almost four days now and I didn't use a top coat!

Thats all for Now :)

Jun 19, 2012

Help me !

Hey :)
I'm thinking about getting a bikini from Victorias Secret but I am having trouble deciding what print I should get.
So I am asking you to leave a comment telling me which one is your favorite and why, because I really don't know which one I like the best.
Thanks in advance :)  

Jun 18, 2012

Lace and Loafers

Trends For Summer

Recently I have been noticing that a lot of brands have started carrying lace shorts.  Now I think they are super cute and fun for summer. You can get them from Fx. Zara, Topshop and Forever21.  In my opinion if I were to get lace shorts I would have them high waisted because when you have layers and lace on your shorts they grab peoples attention, and when you wear this type of eye grabbing shorts they should be the center piece not the rest of your shirt or jacket.  When you have so much going on it is nice to be able to tuck in your shirt to define the waist and pull the look together.
I'd style lace shorts with a simple white or denim shirt, you can also just go casual and wear a white loose fittet tank top and tuck it in.  White is very in this summer so wearing different white tones can make your outfit look more in and put together.

Another trend that I am obsessed with are Loafers.  Loafers are just the cutest type of shoes ever and I am so glad that they are back in style this summer.  Now loafers have always been around, they are nothing new, but the type of loafers that are inn this season are actually ones with studs all over or on them.  Now you all know that studs are nothing new either , that trend is well known but the Loafers are a brand new type of shoes to be studded.  (you've all seen studded JC and Converse, am I right ?)
I just think this trend goes so well with the other one because if you are wearing a white feminine outfit wearing a edgy pair of loafers will give you that final touch you were looking for.
I am dying to get a pair of studded loafers and I have already spotted a pair I want from Zara.

So what do you think ?  Will you be trying one of these trends this summer or are you already rockin them ? Let me know in the comments below :)

Hot & Spicy

Today I repainted my nails with OPI's Hot&Spicy.  I have to say that this color might be my all time favorite nail polishes.  This bright orange just looks so good on my nails.  This surprised me because it doesn't look this bright in the bottle but ones it is on it looks so fun and summery, and I liked the color before I knew it was this bright which is a huge plus for me.
If you can I suggest you to go right now and buy this nail polish because it is the most perfect color for summer.

Note: the first picture is in natural light and the bottom one isn't

Jun 17, 2012

My new Vanity

I have finally gotten a Vanity.  I have been wanting a vanity for a million years and I finally went with my dad and got this beautiful one from ILVA.  It is everything I have ever wanted, like I can die happy now that I have a vanity.  The two drawers are really big and deep and that is why I liked this vanity so much.  All of the vanities I have seen always tend to have really small drawers that you can't fit anything in them, but this one fits both of my curling irons and a bunch of other stuff that didn't have a home but do now :)
I find myself just sitting in front of it all day not really doing anything.  It also fits my room perfectly.
So I can't say anything but that I love my new vanity.

Jun 16, 2012

Watch Out !

This my dear viewers is the lovely watch my parents got me for my birthday :) The watch is from a Swedish company callad Triwa.  I am in love with it.  If I was a watch this would be me, literally.  I have recently been craving to have a oversized watch and when I saw it I just died.  The strap is grey (duhh) but the watch itself is gold and the background inside the watch is pink, which is my favorite color.  And it just gets better and better, Inside there are little diamonds.  I am so grateful for my parents and I haven't been as happy with a birthday gift like ever.

Have a nice day :)

Jun 14, 2012

OPI Haul :)

From left to right:  Hot&Spicy,  Nothin' mousie 'bout it,  I'm all ears,  Russian Navy,  Just spotted the Lizard.

Yeah I might have bought just a few... couple.... okay many OPI nail polishes last week and I have just one thing to say about it.  I regret Nothing! I have wanted to own OPI nail polishes for so long but I never had money, but now I do and I am so freaking happy about my choices.

I bought a pastel orange called Hot&Spicy, two pink ones from the Minnie Mouse Collection called Nothin' Mousie 'bout it and I'm all ears.  Click Here to see my post about them.
To break out of my habit of buying only pinks I got a black based shimmery purple color called Russian Navy and a duochrome green called Just spotted the lizard which is from the Spider Man Collection.  Just spotted the Lizard is also an almost exact dupe for Chanel's Peridot which is one of Chanel's most popular nail polishes.

So what do you think, was my impulse OPI craze worth it ?

Jun 13, 2012

Birthday Outfit :)

My B-day was yesterday, YAY! I wore my new dress from Miss Selfridge that I just Love, it is a little to short (the underskirt) so I am gonna try to find something to wear under it the next time I wear it.  I paired it with my also new sandals that again are also from Miss Selfridge.  For accessories I kept it simple because the dress has so much detailing.  I wore my New Triwa watch that my parents got me for my birthday and paired that with my pink skull bracelet, for earrings I just wore simple gold ones.

Jun 11, 2012

Minnie Mouse Manicure

Just a couple a days ago I got my hands on two of OPI's Minnie Mouse Collection.  In occasion of that, I painted my nails with both of the colors.  I'm not a big fan of all pink polishes and also not of sparkly and shiny ones either but every once in a blue moon I find ones that really like and this is one of those cases.  Now because these polishes are so sparkly it was very hard to photograph it, but I didn't have much time so I just settled for these photos, hope they are okey :)

 And also I wanted something fun and girly since it is my Birthday tomorrow :)

Jun 7, 2012

Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara Review

So just the other day my mom got me the Illegal Length mascara from Maybelline.  Now I had been thinking about getting this mascara for a while now but I hadn't really heard much about it. But when I got it I didn't need to try it out a million times because I knew that I hated this mascara.  Everything it claims is a lie for me.

This mascara claims to add 4mm to your lashes with their "Fiber Extensions".  That was my first problem.  It doesn't lengthen my lashes any more than any other mascara would and it most certainly does not add 4mm to my lashes.  Another problem I had with it is that again they claim that it has Fiber Extensions that are up to 4mm in length.  That is the problem the fibers are not 4mm, some of them could be but I really doubt that.  I have tried my best but I can't see any fibers in this mascara.  The next problem is that the brush is really sparse and it can't comb each lash individually, so your eyelashes end up sticking together giving the spidery lash effect that doesn't ever look good

So you see I have a lot of problems with the mascara.  Just to add, I accidentally got the waterproof version.  So in the evening when I want to take this horrible mascara off, I can't.  It is impossible to remove.  If it is one thing they got right is that this mascara sure is Waterproof, hell this mascara is liquid proof.
I hate this mascara with all my heart, the formulation is bad, the brush is horrible plus the packaging is incredibly tacky.

Do I recommend you to get this mascara ? Hell NO.

Wish List

Recently I have been wanting to spend my Hard earned money and have been surfing the web for pretty and sparkly things that I don't really need.  So I thought I'd share them here because where else could I?
Anywho these things are among the millions of other things I will most likely never get, but a girl can dream right ?

Jun 6, 2012

Review on Urban Decay's Naked 2

During my Easter Vacation I went to London and I got my hands on the Naked 2 palette.  I was so happy when I got it because I had been raving about it for months so finally getting it made my life.
When I got this palette I had very high expectations for this palette.  I wanted the eyeshadows to be really pigmented and it turns out they SO ARE.
This palette is amazing, all the colors are Beautiful and the pigmentation is out of this world.  My favorite eyeshadows in this palette are half baked, bootycall, tease and suspect.
Whenever I were eyeshadow I always use tease in my crease (that totally rhymed).  It is the most perfect crease color and it goes with every color in the palette.  Bootycall is a very good all over lid color and highlighter and I use  it most of the times I wear eyeshadow.  Half Baked and Suspect are another ones of my favorites and I love to use them both together.
The Pigmentation of the matte colors are not as great as with the shimmery ones, but they still are very pigmented.  On the picture below foxy doesn't really show because I am very pale, but it does work great as a highlight color.
    Foxy-Half Baked-Bootycall             Chopper-Tease-Snakebite             Suspect-Pistol-Verve                  YDK-Busted-Blackout

I really love this palette and I would recommend anyone to go right now to wherever they sell them where you live and GO GET YOU SOME.

Jun 5, 2012

Cajun Shrimp

Today I painted my nails in OPI's Cajun Shrimp.  I got it yesterday and I am just in Love with it.  This color is sooo pretty, it is this redish orange color and it is so fun for summer.  I also painted my toes with this color and it is the pretties pedicure color ever.

Jun 4, 2012

Miss Selfridge and Topshop

If you read my las post you would know that my mom went to London to meet some family friends and she and my best friend who lives in London went on a little shopping trip for me and got me some amazing pieces.  All of the clothing was purchased from Miss Selfridges, If you don't know what store that is you need to go to their page Right now and you will be amazed.  The Jewelry was all purchased from Topshop. I am really proud of my mom for pulling this one out so good.  I really love everything she and my bestie got me and I can't wait to wear them for summer.  You will also be seeing outfit post very soon where I will be sporting these pieces.
Dress and Shirt from Miss Selfridges

Jewelry from Topshop


I just got some new makeup and a new nail polish so I thought I'd show you guys what I got.  My mom just got home from London so she bought me a couple of things, she got me the NARS Laguna Bronzer and Maybelline's Illegal Length Mascara.  I have been dying to get the Laguna bronzer so when I got it I kinda just died of happiness.  It is even better than I thought it would be and I never thought I could ever love a makeup product the way I love this (except maybe the Naked 2 palette).  As for the mascara I have only tried it once and so far, not so good.  It hasn't given my lashes "illegal" length.  It is really just like any other mascara, but I hope I am wrong and I am gonna keep on trying to see if I will like it.

Then today I did a little shopping my self and I went to MAC and I got a Mineralize Skinfinish in the color Semi Precious Rose Quartz.  It it so pretty and sparkly and it is my first MSF and I can't wait to wear it this summer.  Lastly I got an OPI nail polish in the color Cajun Shrimp, it is this really pretty pink/red/coral color and It is such a great pedicure color.  I will probably wear this color and only this color this summer.

But that is all for now,
XOXO Stefania