Jun 7, 2012

Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara Review

So just the other day my mom got me the Illegal Length mascara from Maybelline.  Now I had been thinking about getting this mascara for a while now but I hadn't really heard much about it. But when I got it I didn't need to try it out a million times because I knew that I hated this mascara.  Everything it claims is a lie for me.

This mascara claims to add 4mm to your lashes with their "Fiber Extensions".  That was my first problem.  It doesn't lengthen my lashes any more than any other mascara would and it most certainly does not add 4mm to my lashes.  Another problem I had with it is that again they claim that it has Fiber Extensions that are up to 4mm in length.  That is the problem the fibers are not 4mm, some of them could be but I really doubt that.  I have tried my best but I can't see any fibers in this mascara.  The next problem is that the brush is really sparse and it can't comb each lash individually, so your eyelashes end up sticking together giving the spidery lash effect that doesn't ever look good

So you see I have a lot of problems with the mascara.  Just to add, I accidentally got the waterproof version.  So in the evening when I want to take this horrible mascara off, I can't.  It is impossible to remove.  If it is one thing they got right is that this mascara sure is Waterproof, hell this mascara is liquid proof.
I hate this mascara with all my heart, the formulation is bad, the brush is horrible plus the packaging is incredibly tacky.

Do I recommend you to get this mascara ? Hell NO.

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