Jun 28, 2012

Fun with Friends and an Update

Last weekend I went out with my friends.We went to this little festival in a near by town and I was going to do and OOTD but I totally forgot once I was there but we took a couple pictures so I decided to just post one of them.  The festival was really fun and we had a great time.
Now for the Update.
You may know that a couple posts back I asked for your guys' opinion on which bikini I should get.  Well I was going to get number four but when I went back on the website to order it it was Sold out!  I was so sad and when I look closer I saw that all the tops that I had considered weren't available in my size anymore :( So I had to pick something totally different but I am very happy with my purchase and picture of that will be here in a couple a days.
I am still gonna thank you for helping me decide even though I totally failed at not ordering it right away  and missing my chance at getting the bikini I originally wanted:)
But I have a couple posts planned for next week to make up for my lack of posting recently :)


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