Jun 18, 2012

Lace and Loafers

Trends For Summer

Recently I have been noticing that a lot of brands have started carrying lace shorts.  Now I think they are super cute and fun for summer. You can get them from Fx. Zara, Topshop and Forever21.  In my opinion if I were to get lace shorts I would have them high waisted because when you have layers and lace on your shorts they grab peoples attention, and when you wear this type of eye grabbing shorts they should be the center piece not the rest of your shirt or jacket.  When you have so much going on it is nice to be able to tuck in your shirt to define the waist and pull the look together.
I'd style lace shorts with a simple white or denim shirt, you can also just go casual and wear a white loose fittet tank top and tuck it in.  White is very in this summer so wearing different white tones can make your outfit look more in and put together.

Another trend that I am obsessed with are Loafers.  Loafers are just the cutest type of shoes ever and I am so glad that they are back in style this summer.  Now loafers have always been around, they are nothing new, but the type of loafers that are inn this season are actually ones with studs all over or on them.  Now you all know that studs are nothing new either , that trend is well known but the Loafers are a brand new type of shoes to be studded.  (you've all seen studded JC and Converse, am I right ?)
I just think this trend goes so well with the other one because if you are wearing a white feminine outfit wearing a edgy pair of loafers will give you that final touch you were looking for.
I am dying to get a pair of studded loafers and I have already spotted a pair I want from Zara.

So what do you think ?  Will you be trying one of these trends this summer or are you already rockin them ? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Hmm not sure I'm brave enough for lace shorts, although I love those zara loafers

  2. I love the studded loafers trend!!

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  3. I really love the style of those shorts, they're so pretty and feminine!

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  4. LOVE the lace shorts!!! sooo cute!!

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