Jun 6, 2012

Review on Urban Decay's Naked 2

During my Easter Vacation I went to London and I got my hands on the Naked 2 palette.  I was so happy when I got it because I had been raving about it for months so finally getting it made my life.
When I got this palette I had very high expectations for this palette.  I wanted the eyeshadows to be really pigmented and it turns out they SO ARE.
This palette is amazing, all the colors are Beautiful and the pigmentation is out of this world.  My favorite eyeshadows in this palette are half baked, bootycall, tease and suspect.
Whenever I were eyeshadow I always use tease in my crease (that totally rhymed).  It is the most perfect crease color and it goes with every color in the palette.  Bootycall is a very good all over lid color and highlighter and I use  it most of the times I wear eyeshadow.  Half Baked and Suspect are another ones of my favorites and I love to use them both together.
The Pigmentation of the matte colors are not as great as with the shimmery ones, but they still are very pigmented.  On the picture below foxy doesn't really show because I am very pale, but it does work great as a highlight color.
    Foxy-Half Baked-Bootycall             Chopper-Tease-Snakebite             Suspect-Pistol-Verve                  YDK-Busted-Blackout

I really love this palette and I would recommend anyone to go right now to wherever they sell them where you live and GO GET YOU SOME.


  1. sigh, I have the original one and I keep telling myself that I don't need the Naked 2, but then I keep seeing these reviews and lovely swatches..... so tempting!

    1. Yeah same thing with me but reversed, I caved in last week and ordered the original Naked palette. I may not need it but I want it :)