May 22, 2012

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

This summer is all about color and prints.  So you can go ditch the black and grey's because mint green and neons are on their way.
This summer like any other is featuring a lot of different trends and I am going to summarize my favorite ones.

MINT GREENI love the color mint green, it is so fresh.  This summer every store will be filled with mint green and you will love it.  Out of every type of clothes there is, I love mint green as a jean color.  Wearing colored pants is also very inn and the bright fun color will bring attention to your legs.

COLORED/PRINTED PANTS Wearing Colored pants has never been as much in as they are now as with Printed pants.  Celebrities are seen wearing floral printed jeans everyday and they are rocking it and so should you.  This is one of my favorite trends because like I said it brings attention to you legs.

ARM CANDY Right now I see a lot of girls piling their arms up in bracelets and with chunky watches.  This trend is really convenient because you most likely have a bunch of bracelets piled somewhere in the corner.  So now all you have to do, is to get all of them and wear a couple that look good together, or you can just were all of them.  Who's to say you can't, right?  I would also like to recommend buying a chunky watch if you don't have one already.  I personally am eyeing a Michel Kors one.

ASYMMETRICAL Everywhere I see girls wearing asymmetrical and flow-y skirts, or as many call them High-Low skirts.  The trend can also be seen in shirts and sweaters.  I love this trend and think it is so cute.  This one I also haven't really seen witch makes it so exciting and a lot more Appealing.

COLOR DIP DYE For a pretty long time now people have been sporting the Ombré trend, now this trend has rejoined by using colors  This trend is almost identical to the previous Ombré trend except instead of going brunette to blond or vise versa this time you use any color you would like.  This trend is so fun but of course it is just a trend so I advise to try it with something that is not permanent.  Pink seems to be the most popular choice of color when dip dying.

These are my favorite trends right now and I can't wait to try all of them out (maybe not all at the same time but you know what I mean).  So tell me what trends will you be rocking this summer? :)


  1. Hey I just met you (like 7 years ago)
    and this is crazy ("this" as in "you")
    but I like your style blog
    and you're awsome baby

    and now you have it stuck in your head, yurr welkome hun

  2. that comment above was stupidly written as my blog is broken-skeleton not broke-skeleton althoght thats quite amusing