May 30, 2012

Nails of the Day: Floral

Today I wanted to paint something fun on my nails so I did this purple and white floral design.  This took me about an hour, but I always wait a lot between coats so I don't know if it is really that relevant.  But this design was really easy.
All you have to do is start by making the green lines randomly on all of the nails.  Then you go in with a dotting tool and make the dots.  I decided to have some of the dots overlap each other for more dimension.  Then I did a couple more shorter green lines coming from the middle some dots to fill in the more blank areas.  Then lastly I used a top coat to seal in the design and to keep it from chipping in the near future, it also provides a beautiful shine.
The colors I used were : just any white you have, Art deco striper in forest green, depend nail polishes in Nr. 115 and Nr. 202 and lastly OPI in steady as she rose.


  1. This is SO cute, you are good!

    1. Thanks, it's actually not that hard if you have the right tools ;)